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West Bay: UDP victory is bittersweet


Cliodhna McGowan

Thursday 12th May, 2005   Posted: 04:39 CIT   (09:39 GMT)
UDP Victory

McKeeva Bush is hoisted in the air by the crowd following his re–election.

The United Democratic Party had a clear victory last night in West Bay as green UDP flags waved wildly to the four party members being re–elected to the district.

For a solid 10 minutes following the announcement of the re–election of candidates McKeeva Bush, Cline Glidden, Rolston Anglin and Capt. Eugene Ebanks, the throngs of supporters that burst through the gates of the John A. Cumber Primary School Hall’s grounds hugged and kissed their heroes. The results were: Mr. Bush 1,699, Mr. Anglin, 1,404, Mr. Glidden 1,296, Captain Eugene, 1,240.

The other eight candidates who had not been elected faded into the dark night air as the joyous screams and roars and victory songs were chanted by the UDP supporters.

Cline Glidden was the first to be hoisted in the air on the shoulders of supporters while the crowd soon followed suit with Mr. Bush.

Yet, despite the victorious tumult of cries, screams, laughter and smiles, when the uproar had died down a little Captain Eugene Ebanks described the team’s victory as bittersweet.

“I’m delighted I have been successful and I am overwhelmed by the amount of support the party has received, but it is a bittersweet feeling and I’m disappointed that it looks like we will not be re–forming a government”.

Meanwhile, former Leader of Government Business and Minister for Tourism McKeeva Bush said, “Thus far the people have spoken. This is democracy and the PPM (People’s Progressive Movement) has won the majority of seats and could form the Government.

“Now they have the task of running the country for the next four years and there will be tremendous challenges. It won’t be easy.”

However, Mr. Bush said he would play the role of a loyal opposition, if that was to be his lot.

He thanked all those who had worked and voted for him and his colleagues.

Earlier in the evening a handful of UDP supporters had gathered at the Town Hall to listen to results coming in on a portable radio. From 10.30pm onwards the crowds grew until there were hundreds gathered to hear the district’s results. Many were despondent with the overall results, but pleased that the UDP had won in West Bay.

Many expressed the wish that the PPM, if forming a government, would continue the legacy of what the UDP had started, rather than what many termed as “wasting money” by starting afresh.

Others said they hoped the different parties could work together for the good of the people.

Many expressed sentiments that Mr. Bush was a very good neighbour and friend to them.

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